What Is An Aluminum Fence?

Beautiful | Long-Lasting | Low-Maintenance

Nothing speaks of durable elegance like an aluminum fence. An ideal option for both homes and businesses in Lexington, this metal fencing is known for its resilience, low maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. Make a statement with your property by installing an aluminum fence today!

Aluminum is a perfect choice for fencing due to its superior strength, lightweight structure, and rust-resistant properties. It can endure the toughest weather conditions without decaying or deteriorating like wooden fences do – making it an excellent long term investment!

For a modern, professional look that adds to the value of your property, aluminum fencing is an excellent choice. Its sleek design and selection of stylish colors ensures that you’ll find one that complements your home or business perfectly. The clean lines and polished finish give it a timeless appeal with lasting impact.

One of the primary advantages of aluminum fencing is its lack of upkeep. Unlike wood fencing, which must be regularly stained or painted to maintain its look, aluminum fencing will last with very little maintenance due to a protective finish that resists fading and chipping for years. This means you can have an attractive fence without worrying about costly repairs or yearly treatments!

Ultimately, aluminum fencing is a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for anyone looking to fence in their yard. It offers the advantages of having a fence without any of the burden that comes with maintaining it – making it an ideal pick for those seeking simplicity!

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Benefits Of Using An Aluminum Fence

If you’re looking for a fencing solution that is both beautiful and resilient, aluminum should be at the top of your list. Its unparalleled durability makes it an ideal choice for residential or commercial properties; plus, its low maintenance requirement means that upkeep will never become a burden. Aluminum fencing adds long-lasting elegance to any space!

Aluminum fencing offers powerful protection and incomparable longevity. For starters, this lightweight metal is extraordinarily strong to withstand even the most intense weather conditions. Additionally, aluminum won’t rust or corrode over time like wood or other materials— meaning it can last up to several decades with minimal maintenance needs! By investing in an aluminum fence now, you’ll be able to save yourself a great deal of money as well as hours on upkeep later down the line!

With aluminum fencing, you won’t need to worry about dedicating time and energy into maintaining it. Unlike wood fencing which requires regular painting or staining, the protective finish of an aluminum fence provides a long-lasting luster that is resistant to fading and chipping. This means your attractive fence will stay looking great for years without needing any extra effort from you!

Not only is aluminum fencing incredibly durable and low maintenance, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to any property. With a variety of styles and colors available for you to choose from, you can easily select a fence that complements the look of your surroundings! Its modern design instantly brings value to your home or business with its clean lines and smooth finish giving off an elegant yet professional vibe.

All things considered, an aluminum fence in Lexington delivers an array of advantages that surpass other types of fences. Its durability and low-maintenance requirements are attractive features for those desiring to adorn their property with a fence while still maintaining its attractiveness.

What We Do When Installing Your Aluminum Fence

To start, we begin by readying the property for installation. This can include removing any extant plants or debris from the area, leveling and marking out where the fence will be placed. Subsequently, posts are installed to form a sturdy foundation for the complete fence structure – typically made of aluminum or another robust material – making sure they remain level and equally spaced apart as we secure them into place below ground.

After the posts have been set in place, it’s time to attach the rails. Rails are horizontal pieces of aluminum that provide reinforcement between each post and must be carefully measured and cut before they can be properly attached using screws or other fasteners. Once all the rails have been securely mounted on each post, your fence will become further stabilized by their presence!

After we have our rails in place, it’s time to affix the pickets – the vertical panels that will make up most of your fence. Cutting them to an exact length and securely attaching them to the rails with screws or other fastenings is a precise process, but one well worth doing for a strong and long-lasting fence.

To finish, we install any extra add-ons and accessories to the fence. This could be gates, locks, or decorative pieces like finials or scrolls. We precisely secure these components to the fence so that they are fastened in their correct locations with accurate alignment.

After all of the steps have been thoroughly accomplished, we examine the fence closely to guarantee that it is installed accurately and adheres to all applicable building codes and regulations. Furthermore, we provide an instructional guide on how you can maintain your fence’s condition so that it remains attractive for years to come.

By combining skill, precision, and attention to detail in the installation of aluminum fencing in Lexington, we are able to ensure that our customers enjoy a superior-quality fence for years. With this approach, you can be certain that your investment will pay off with a secure solution designed just for you.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Aluminum Fence?

When selecting a fence company to construct your aluminum fencing in Lexington, making the best decision requires careful consideration of several factors. For that reason, we believe you should choose Elite Fence for all your aluminum fencing needs! Here are some compelling reasons why:

  1. Our expertise and understanding are unparalleled; we have been in the fencing industry for many years, during which time we’ve installed an innumerable amount of aluminum fences. This experience has given us the wisdom to manage any installation endeavor regardless of how intricate it may be.
  2. Striving for Excellence: We are devoted to delivering our customers with top-notch, professional craftsmanship. Our crew of experienced installers is instructed to devote a keen eye to every detail, ensuring that your fence looks amazing and is installed accurately. With us, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality workmanship possible!
  3. Shopping around for a high-quality fence that fits your budget? Look no further! We offer competitively priced installation services, so you can get the perfect fencing solution without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.
  4. At our Lexington fence company, we firmly believe that outstanding customer service is the key to success. We are always eager to answer your inquiries and respond to any issues you may have. From the first consultation until installation, we strive for excellence by providing a superior experience tailored specifically for you!
  5. We proudly offer a wide spectrum of fencing services, such as installation and repair of aluminum fences. Our range of offerings mean that we can provide you with the total package in terms of your fencing needs – no matter what they may be!

If you’re considering installing an aluminum fence, then trust Elite Fence to provide the best possible service. From our industry-leading expertise and quality workmanship to competitive pricing and exceptional customer care – we are here for all your fencing requirements! Contact us now at no cost for a consultation and estimate.

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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Property

Enhance the beauty of your property with stylish aluminum fencing. It’s available in a vast range of styles and colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from to complement the look of your home or business. Not only that, its modern design will add value to your property while its clean lines and smooth finish give it a polished appearance – perfect for any professional landscape!

Property Security At Its Best

Aluminum fencing is an ideal way to protect your property. Not only does it provide a robust, durable barrier to potential trespassers, but its smooth surface and sleek lines make it nearly impossible to scale, creating an effective deterrent against intrusion. Furthermore, aluminum fences are attractive in addition to being secure – they can be the perfect aesthetic addition that enhances the look of any outdoor space!

Suitable For Any Place

Aluminum fencing is the ideal solution for any property. It’s strong, requires minimal upkeep, and has a beautiful finish that will enhance your space – whether it be residential or commercial. Not only does aluminum offer a modern and sleek appearance that increases value to your home, but its versatility also opens up a world of possibilities for usage in many contexts. With clean lines and smooth finishes creating an effortless elegance you can’t help but admire – why not upgrade today?

Low Upkeep Requirements

For those looking to have a fence without the burden of upkeep, aluminum fencing is an excellent choice. Unlike wooden fences that require consistent staining or painting, aluminum fencing is virtually maintenance-free due to its protective finish that prevents fading and chipping – making sure it retains its charming look for years on end. This allows you to bask in your fence’s beauty with no extra effort!

Aluminum Fence Installation in Lexington