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Elite Fence Company in Irmo is your trusted source for top-quality fence installation services. Our highly experienced teams of installers and craftsmen are devoted to delivering unparalleled value, excellence, and affordability on every residential or commercial fencing project we take on – all while serving our loyal customers in Irmo and its surrounding areas.

Our Irmo fence company specializes in providing a comprehensive selection of fencing materials and designs. We strive to innovate, so that no project is beyond our scope – be it wood, vinyl, chain link or aluminum fencing; privacy screens; or swimming pool barriers. Whether you’re looking for traditional wooden options such as cedar planks or the most modern composite material solutions – rest assured that we have something to satisfy your taste!

Get in touch with Elite Fence Company in Irmo to receive your complimentary estimate and explore the possibilities ahead of you. From sophisticated commercial projects to amazing residential perimeters, count on us for an awe-inspiring finishing product.

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    Privacy and Security Matter

    Here at Elite Fence Company in Irmo, we’re thrilled to help you safeguard your property with a stunning new fence! Not only will it bump up the value and aesthetics of your home or business, but also provide serenity by keeping out noise.

    Our team is the best in town when it comes to installing privacy fences, which are a popular choice among Irmo residents. We will work together with you to select the perfect materials, design and style that fit your property seamlessly while creating an aura of beauty and elegance. Contact us now for a free estimate so we can begin planning your dream fence!

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    Why Choose Our Fence Company?

    If you’re searching for the perfect fence company in Irmo South Carolina, look no further than us! We offer unbeatable services and here are just a few of the reasons why we should be your go-to choice:

    1. Our local fencing company has unsurpassed knowledge of the Summerville area, permitting us to deliver skillful guidance on the most suitable fence options for your property. We stay up-to-date with all building codes and regulations, so you can have peace of mind knowing that we will provide expert advice every step of the way!
    2. Our fences are constructed with only the sturdiest materials, such as dependable woods, vinyl and more. We’ve designed them to last in even scorching weather conditions found here in Irmo. With our products, you can trust that your fence will remain standing for many years of use.
    3. Our team of professional installers is highly trained and seasoned in all aspects of fence installation. With extreme precision and meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that your fence will be installed safely and securely.
    4. We understand that quality services should not mean breaking the bank, so we are pleased to offer competitively-priced fencing services. To give you a better idea of your estimated cost, our team is happy to provide free quotes for your convenience. With us, you can get an excellent fence at a price point that works for everyone!
    5. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our team is wholeheartedly devoted to utmost customer satisfaction. If you are not thoroughly pleased with the finished product of your new fence, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation and make sure that everything meets and exceeds your expectations.

    If you’re looking for high-caliber fencing services in Irmo, look no further than our experienced fence company. Whether it’s local expertise or superior materials, we have the perfect solution to your needs. Our dedicated installers and competitive pricing make us a top choice when it comes to installing fences in this area – don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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    When to repair or install a new fence:

    Are you an Irmo resident or a business owner? If so, Elite Fence Company is the perfect place for all your fencing needs. We are committed to providing exemplary customer service and making sure that your project runs seamlessly from start to finish. Here’s why we should be at the top of your list:

    Elite's Fence Installation Services

    Elite Fence is the premier fence company in Irmo, with highly-trained specialists proficient in fence installation, maintenance and repair for residential and commercial properties. We’ll guide you through our comprehensive process of installing a fence from start to finish so that your property can look its best!

    1. The kick off to the project? Book a consultation with us! We’ll go over to your property, evaluate what kind of fencing you require and discuss all of your design preferences. Depending on your budget, goals and land layout, we will assist you in selecting the ideal fence model ,materials and look that best fits all the requirements.
    2. Permitting and Planning: As soon as the design is finished, our team will take charge of all necessary permitting and planning to ensure that your fence adheres to local regulations. This involves obtaining building permits, contacting utility companies, and constructing an extensive installation plan.
    3. To ensure a seamless installation, we’ll begin by prepping the site – removing any debris and grading it as needed. This could include excavation of trenches for post holes, demolishing existing fences or altering the terrain to guarantee proper drainage. With these preparatory steps taken care of, you can rest assured that your fence will be built with precision and quality!
    4. Our experienced team is ready to install your brand new fence with utmost care and attention. Utilizing sophisticated tools, we will set the posts precisely in place, fix the panels or pickets firmly on them and finish off with personalized trimming or gates if requested. You can rest assured that our professionals will make sure your fence stands securely for years to come!
    5. Finalizing the Job: We do not settle for mediocrity, and after installation of your fence is complete, we’ll take out all debris before conducting a rigorous inspection. This will guarantee that your fencing meets our quality benchmarks. Any fixes or changes required to attain such high standards will be promptly taken care of by us. Furthermore, you’ll receive maintenance instructions from us that can help extend the life of your fence significantly!

    At Elite Fence Company in Irmo, we take pride in delivering first-rate fence services to our treasured clients. Our team sharpens their skills and equips themselves with the latest tools for all your fencing needs – from basic repairs to full installations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Contact us today for a free evaluation and quotation if you’re located near Irmo. We can’t wait to work together soon!

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    Wood Fence

    Adding wood fencing to your home is an excellent way to add natural appeal, value, and versatility. There's something about the classic charm of wooden fences that make them stand out from other materials – plus they can provide increased security and privacy for your property. Whether you're looking for timeless elegance with a picket fence or need extra seclusion with a privacy fence, there are many options available when it comes to installing a wood fence around your home. Wood fences require some periodic maintenance, but with proper care and attention, can add years of beauty to your property. If you're looking for a natural touch that offers charm and adds value to your home then wood fencing may be the perfect choice for you! It's an ideal selection if you want to bring out the best features in both function and aesthetic appeal.

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    Chain Link Fence

    Are you searching for a reliable and cost-effective fencing solution? If so, chain link fencing is an excellent choice! This dependable type of fencing consists of interconnected metal wires that form a diamond pattern. It's ideal for industrial or commercial properties, as well as homes. Additionally, it's simple to install and can be customized with different finishes and colors to fit your taste.Chain link fencing offers a secure and long-lasting solution, at an economical cost. With minimal upkeep necessary, you'll have no problem maintaining its visual appeal over time. In short, chain link fencing is the sensible choice for any homeowner looking to install a reliable fence with lasting value. When choosing chain link fencing, you must factor in the function of the fence, its geographic position and local climate. The size, thickness and coating can also significantly affect how long it lasts as well as whether or not it blends with your landscape design.

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    Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl fencing is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a dependable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing perimeter solution. PVC or polyvinyl chloride constructions are strong, resistant to weathering and come in different designs including picket fences, privacy barriers or ranch-style enclosures. Requiring only occasional cleaning treatments ensures your vinyl fence will always look its best while being impervious to rot or insect infestation makes it the reliable long term option you need! If you're seeking a robust and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution, vinyl fencing is the perfect choice for you! Vinyl fences are incredibly low maintenance and designed to stand strong in all weather conditions. So make sure to consider this option if you want your fence to be both reliable and eye-catching!

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    Privacy Fence

    If you want to build an exclusive outdoor area, safeguard your property, and expand its worth - look no further than privacy fencing! This specific kind of fence is designed specifically with the homeowner in mind. It can be made from long-lasting materials such as wood or vinyl and stands taller than other fences. Additionally, it often contains solid panels that keep onlookers out while maintaining the secrecy of what lies within. Investing in a privacy fence may just be the best decision you make for your home! Privacy fencing is an excellent option for homeowners who are seeking a secure and secluded outdoor area. Not only can it provide you with peace of mind, but they also offer the potential to transform your property's appearance while increasing its worth. To conclude, if you desire additional security and privacy at home then installing privacy fencing may be just what you need!

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    Aluminum Fence

    For homeowners seeking a durable, low-maintenance fencing solution with eye-catching appeal, aluminum fencing is the perfect choice. Constructed from lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum metal, this type of fence can easily withstand extreme climates or saltwater exposure. Plus, it's available in several styles including picket fences, privacy fences and rail fences! Installation couldn't be simpler – all that’s required to keep your new aluminum fence looking its best is occasional cleaning. Not only is aluminum fencing non-toxic and ecofriendly, but its durability and low maintenance make it a desirable choice. If you want to invest in fencing that will remain strong over time, aluminum is the way to go! With an attractive appeal as well, enjoy all of the advantages of installing this fence without any compromises.

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    Pool Fence

    Pool fencing is an invaluable safety measure that can provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind. It is usually mandated by local building codes, preventing the potential for young children or animals from entering your pool unsupervised. You have many varieties to choose from when it comes to materials for pool fences such as aluminum and vinyl – each providing distinct aesthetics so you can customize your outdoor space without compromising on structural strength. Not only does this type of fence make everyone feel safer, but also adds value to your home! Don't delay any longer – invest in pool fencing if you have a swimming pool! Not only does it bring peace of mind and greater protection for your dearest, but also augments the appearance of your outdoor area and increases the worth of your residence. Pool fencing is an indispensable safety measure that should not be overlooked.

    Fencing in Irmo, SC

    Are you located in Irmo and searching for a high-quality fence to enhance your property? Look no further than Elite Fence Company! We offer an extensive selection of styles, materials, and sizes so that you can find the perfect fencing for your home or commercial building.

    Installing a wood or aluminum fence from Elite Fence can instantly add value and appeal to your home. Our team is focused on creating innovative fencing solutions with superior craftsmanship so you receive the highest quality of service in Irmo, SC. If you’re looking for fence companies in Irmo, don’t hesitate to reach out us today! We are eager to help you find the perfect solution for all your needs and look forward to working together soon!

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