Pool Fence Installation

The Benefits of Pool Fencing

Guaranteeing your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, and installing a pool fence is an excellent way to do so. This effective barrier will help prevent accidental drownings as well as other accidents from occurring in your outdoor space. On top of that, it adds additional security for the entire backyard at your Lexington home!

Installing a pool fence offers many benefits for your family, home, and pets. Not only will it keep children from accidentally entering the water, but also provide extra protection for beloved four-legged companions. Plus, these fences are an excellent way to boost up the overall value of your property – so you can reap long term rewards!

Don’t forget to double-check your local building ordinances for a pool fence requirement if you have a pool in your home. It’s also important that you contact both your lender and insurance agent to ensure proper fencing is present around the swimming area.

For extra privacy and comfort, pool fences are essential. Who wants nosy gazes when you’re sunbathing or taking a splash in the pool? Installing a fence is an excellent way to ensure maximum enjoyment of your summer dip at your Lexington home!

Not only does a pool fence provide safety for your family, but it adds an eye-catching aesthetic to your backyard. Adding this attractive feature can even help you attract potential buyers when looking to put your home on the market; they’ll be able to see that you prioritize security as well!

modern glass pool fence

Why Hire Us To Install Your Pool Fence

Elite Fence Company in Lexington is the superior choice for pool fencing installation. When you choose us, you can look forward to taking advantage of these incredible benefits:

  1. With expertise, experience, and the know-how to adhere to local building codes and safety standards, our team is poised for efficient pool fence installation. Our dedicated group of professionals has years of practice with this type of project – so you can rest assured that we have exactly what it takes to get your job done right.
  2. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality pool fencing and workmanship. We source only top-notch materials, like durable posts, reliable panels, and robust gates that will last for years. Plus, we make sure they are installed correctly with attention to detail so your fence can offer strong security.
  3. We understand that you want to have your new pool fence installed quickly and without interruption; our team is here for just that. We are dedicated to providing fast and efficient installation services so you can start enjoying the safety of your new fence as soon as possible. From start to finish, we will work swiftly yet carefully, ensuring minimal disruption on your property throughout the process.
  4. Don’t let the cost of a pool fence deter you from having one installed! We provide competitive pricing for our services, so that you can enjoy a quality-made fence without needing to break your budget. Plus, we are delighted to give out free quotes – this way, you will know in advance precisely how much you should expect to pay.
  5. Your contentment is our top priority and we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the new pool fence. If, for any reason, this isn’t the case – please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are devoted to ensuring your utmost gratification and will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Choosing Elite Fence Company in Lexington to install your pool fence is a wise decision. Our breadth of experience, knowledge and commitment towards excellence will guarantee that you can enjoy the summer months by your pool with complete peace-of-mind since it has been correctly and safely installed.

What We Do When Installing Pool Fences

  1. Strategically place a fence around the entirety of your pool and add gates for easy accessibility. This way, you can ensure that everyone is safe when swimming or enjoying the summer sun!
  2. Make sure to take accurate measurements of the fenced area and tabulate what materials you’ll require. You may need fence panels, posts, gates, screws and other hardware like hinges for assembly.
  3. To ensure your pool fence adheres to all safety regulations, acquire the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities. A permit is usually mandatory for installing a pool fence, so don’t skip this important step!
  4. Prior to installing the fence, ensure that the designated area is clear of any existing fencing or objects like bushes or trees. This will help make sure a successful installation.
  5. Create a secure and stable fence around your pool with evenly spaced posts. Make sure to firmly anchor the posts into the ground for maximum stability.
  6. Securely attach the fence panels to the posts using screws or nails, ensuring that they are even and appropriately fastened.
  7. Strategically install the gates for your fence at points of entry, such as by the pool. Attach them securely to posts using hinges and other essential hardware pieces.
  8. Inspect the fence for any vulnerabilities or flaws and immediately address them if needed. The structure should be strong and secure, without allowing kids or pets to come in through possible openings.
  9. To ensure the safety of your fence, it is essential to regularly inspect and maintain it. Check for missing screws or broken panels often and make repairs when needed in order to keep the structure functioning properly.

Types of Pool Fences

To make your pool area look great and ensure safety, selecting the right fencing is a must. The variety of designs available on today’s market will enable you to find one that suits both your taste and property design perfectly!

Mesh fencing is a practical choice when it comes to pool fences. Not only are they inexpensive and simple to install, but they also provide outstanding security and visibility for homes with kids or pets. This type of fence is built with the utmost sturdiness in mind so that you can have peace of mind knowing your family will be safe near the pool area.

Semi-frameless glass fencing is a beautiful way of enclosing your pool area with privacy while still maintaining an organized and modern aesthetic. Moreover, you can pair it with other outdoor additions to produce a cohesive look in your garden or backyard.

Metal and wrought iron may be attractive choices due to their affordability, however they are not as secure than many other options.

Opting for wood can be a sound choice when it comes to your pool. However, keep in mind that you will need to invest time and money into regular upkeep such as painting or stripping the surface over time.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pool fence option, chain link is the answer! Not only does it come in an array of sizes and colors to match your home’s aesthetic, but is designed with weather resistance in mind. Plus, its installation process couldn’t be any more straight forward. If you happen to live in hurricane prone areas – this certainly should be your go-to choice when selecting a pool fence that won’t let you down!

While aluminum is an economical and convenient option with a simple installation process, it has some drawbacks. It may rust over time due to exposure to moisture or from frequent cleaning.  Call us today to discuss all these options and how they will fit into your fencing project.

Lexington Pool Fence Installation