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Elite Fence Company in West Columbia is devoted to delivering excellence and affordability with our exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. We proudly serve the local community by providing dependable fence work that you can count on for years to come. From residential fences to commercial projects, Elite has become a trusted name in fencing services throughout West Columbia and beyond!

Allow our experienced team to help you upgrade your residential or commercial property with a tailored fencing installation. We provide extensive advice and expertise on the best options which will not only boost your real estate value, but also add an extra layer of security for peace of mind. We can assist in any project from small scale renovations to large-scale installations – take advantage of our knowledge today!

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy fence company in West Columbia, look no further than Elite. We offer a broad range of options—from materials to styles to installation techniques—so that you can find the perfect fit for your home or business. And our estimates are always free! Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can build together.

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    Privacy and Security Matter

    At Elite Fence Company in West Columbia, we know that fences play a significant role when it comes to protecting your property. Not only do they add beauty and value to any home or business, but also serve as an effective barrier for blocking sounds while providing visual separation.

    Our team specializes in installing privacy fences, the preferred option for many West Columbia property owners. Allow us to assist you in selecting materials, design, and style that will not only enhance your lawn’s aesthetic but also provide a sense of uniformity and structure. Contact us now for a free estimation and discover all the possibilities!

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    Why Choose Our Fence Company?

    When choosing a fence company in West Columbia, you have multiple choices. However, Elite Fence stands out from the crowd with its unbeatable advantages:

    1. Our years of experience in the fence industry provide us with an edge and enable us to help you select the ideal barrier for your requirements. Whether it be a commercial undertaking or residential neighborhood fencing, our expertise covers all types of projects. We have what it takes to assist you through every step of the way!
    2. Durability: Our fences are constructed with the best materials, guaranteeing that they will last long-term and endure all weather conditions.
    3. At our organization, customer service is a top priority. We are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience and we always strive to answer your questions quickly and address any problems you may face.
    4. Get your dream fence without compromising on cost! We provide competitive rates for all of our fencing products, ensuring that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.
    5. Unparalleled Selection: With a wide spectrum of options from stately wood to modern vinyl, you can find the ideal fence for your residence or commercial space.

    As a result, when you make the wise decision to opt for Elite Fence, you receive an abundance of advantages: expertise and excellence in quality workmanship; exceptional customer service that is second-to-none; cost effective pricing; as well as numerous choices. Reach out today to acquire additional information and commence your fencing project!

    Fence Installation in West Columbia

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    Elite's Fence Installation Services

    If you’re planning to upgrade your property with a fence, there are several things to take into account before embarking on the project. Fence installation can bring more security and privacy while also increasing the value of your home. Here’s what you need to know:

    1. Strategize for success: Before beginning your fence installation project, it is essential to plan ahead and carefully consider all details. Be sure to select the right type of fence that best meets your needs, acquire any mandatory permits as required, and double-confirm that the fencing will be accurately positioned on your designated property line.
    2. In order to lay the foundation for a successful fence installation, you must first prepare your chosen area. This may include eliminating any pre-existing fencing, clearing away debris and flattening out the ground so that it is even. Taking these important steps will ensure that your desired results are achieved as efficiently as possible!
    3. Now it’s time to install the fence posts. Digging holes for each post, securing them in concrete and then verifying that they are level is essential for a successful installation. The spacing between posts must also be precise so that your new fence will look its best!
    4. Secure the fence panels: Once your posts are firmly in place, you should securely attach the fence panels. This is typically done by connecting them to each post with brackets, screws or other appropriate fasteners.
    5. After the fence panels are in place, you can refine your project to perfection with some final touches. For example, capping the posts or applying a protective sealant to keep your wood conditioned and looking its best for years to come!

    Are you contemplating installing a fence? If so, this straightforward process can provide numerous benefits to your home or business, as long as it is planned ahead of time and the area is prepped accordingly. By following each step attentively, you are sure to be rewarded with success once the task has been completed.

    Elite's Fence Services

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    Wood Fence

    Transform your property with the timeless appeal of wood fencing! Whether you're after a classic picket fence or an unbeatable privacy barrier, these fences provide unsurpassed versatility and ensure enhanced security, value, and seclusion. With numerous style options available to customize according to your needs and tastes, this is truly an ideal choice for any home. Those seeking a rustic, natural touch for their property should seriously consider wood fencing. While it does require regular maintenance such as staining or painting to keep its condition intact, you can rest assured knowing that the fence will stand strong and last for many years.

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    Chain Link Fence

    Durable, versatile and cost-efficient, chain link fencing is a popular choice among many property owners. These fences are composed of interlocking metal wires that create a diamond pattern; making them ideal for both commercial and industrial properties as well as residential areas. Installing these fences can be done quickly and easily with the added benefit of being able to customize colors or finishes. Chain link fencing is an excellent choice for those wanting a secure, yet economical and low maintenance solution. With only the occasional cleaning required to keep it looking like new, chain link fencing makes for the perfect practical option.

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    Vinyl Fence

    Homeowners often choose vinyl fencing for its aesthetics, strength and resilience. Crafted from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) this type of fence is the ideal option if your goal is a durable yet attractive barrier around your property. From pickets to privacy panels and ranch-style designs, there are multiple styles to match any home aesthetic. To top it off, maintenance is minimal since only occasional washing with soap & water keeps it looking in great condition! Vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and attractive fencing solution. It boasts remarkable resistance against rot, pest damage, and other common issues that may arise with various materials. In addition to its durability, vinyl fencing can also last up to 20 years or more!

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    Privacy Fence

    Homeowners searching for a way to ensure added privacy and security should consider installing a privacy fence. Made out of wood, vinyl or other material, you can find these fences in a variety of styles that are usually taller than other types. Plus, with solid panels designed to obstruct the view from outside and various decorative features available - constructing one is sure to create your own personal outdoor sanctuary while providing peace of mind! Privacy fencing is a fantastic choice for homeowners who seek more security and privacy. Not only does it provide value to the property, but also improves its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, if you are looking to increase your home's safety while simultaneously adding an element of beauty - privacy fencing should be at the top of your list!

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    Aluminum Fence

    Homeowners are increasingly turning to aluminum fencing due to its durability, maintenance-free upkeep, and pleasing aesthetic. Constructed with lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum, this type of fencing is ideal for areas prone to harsh weather or with exposure to saltwater. With a wide selection of stylish options including picket fences, privacy fences and rail fences - setup is effortless and removes the need for frequent cleanings so your fence will remain looking pristine all year round! Not to mention, aluminum fencing is non-toxic and environmentally conscious. In conclusion, it's a fantastic choice for anyone searching for an attractive yet robust fence solution.

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    Pool Fence

    Homeowners with swimming pools can now feel secure and protected knowing that their pool area is safeguarded by quality pool fencing. Not only does this type of fencing meet local building codes, but it also serves to prevent unsupervised access to the vicinity - whether its small children or family pets. Built using sturdy materials such as aluminum and vinyl, you'll find an array of stylish designs available in order to best suit your needs! Pool fencing not only ensures safety, but it can also add value to your property with its attractive appearance. With pool fencing in place, homeowners with swimming pools will be able to relax knowing their family and friends are safe and secure. Investing in a quality pool fence is certainly one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your home!

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    For your fencing project, look no further than Elite Fence Company in West Columbia. Our selection provides you with a range of styles and materials to choose from. We offer the best in fence design and installation, including wood or aluminum options that will add beauty and value to any property or community. As one of the premier companies for fences near West Columbia, SC we are proud to provide inventive solutions as well as top-notch craftsmanship. Reach out today so we can help bring your visions into reality!

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